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Reviewing Azure Function App Logs

I’ve been playing around recently with Azure, finally got some things working, and think I’m starting to understand things a little better (though still terrified somehow I’m going to create something that costs a boatload of money).

One of the things any app developer will always want to do is be able to review logs so that’s what I was in search of today. While it looks like you can monitor logs in real time… I hardly ever need to do that (that’s what local debugging is for). I was trying to figure out where/how to view my logs after they had generated… you know, like you have to do to support anything.

Anyway, it appears the secret is that you need to configure things to send your logs to a log analytics workspace 1st (and if I’m wrong here I would love to know a better way). To do that I followed the instructions here.

Keep in mind though that it take a bit for logs to start getting pulled over so it’s not like a real time stream. For a real time stream (like when debugging, but from the server) look at “Log stream” for your Function App…

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