18 Things People With Good Social Skills Never Do

Seems like a worthwhile reminder, especially around the holidays…

  1. Never Let a Good Deed Go Unpaid
  2. Never Forget a Name
  3. Never Interrupt
  4. Never Forget to Check In and Out
  5. Never Let Your Appearance Go
  6. Never Raise Your Voice
  7. Never Get Too Excited or Angry
  8. Never Let Yourself Get Walked On
  9. Never Swear in Front of People Not Your Age
  10. Never Be a Party Pooper
  11. Never Leave Someone Out
  12. Never Blurt Out Something Hurtful
  13. Never Fight Immaturely
  14. Never Laugh at Others’ Expense
  15. Never Get Caught Without a Clean Joke
  16. Never Upset the Apple Cart
  17. Never Ignore People
  18. Never Get Caught Without an Ice-Breaker

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