Now Reading Atlas Shrugged

Now Reading Ayn Rand’s Classic: Atlas Shrugged

It’s been a long time since I’ve started on a book that has been hard to put down. After hearing about this book for years I finally had someone get it for me off of my wishlist and I’ve been up every night until around midnight to 1am reading. At over 1000 pages it’s a long read but it’s a great story with a message I mostly agree with (so far). Of course there are a few things I’m not entirely on board with, but I’m interested to see how it all shakes out in the end. By far my favorite part is Francisco’s speech at Jim Taggat’s wedding about 35% of the way into the book. Right now I’m on John Galt’s radio address near the end and sadly it’s my least favorite part. Too long winded. If he wants to sell his idea to the world I say he needs to cut to the chase instead of blathering on. The mental image I keep getting is of the entire nation listening, and after about ten minutes just tuning out.

Still, this is one book I would highly recommend.

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