Saving $1000 on Auto Insurance

We recently received our auto insurance bill in the mail, and for once I decided to “just see” how much of a difference it could make going with a different company. At over $2k for the year (keep in mind MI is a no-fault state) I was hoping to knock a couple hundred bucks off. I started off as I would imagine anyone would do these days and took right to the internet. First stop… State Farm. After entering the data they wanted I waited eagerly and… more expensive. I almost stopped figuring “everyone is going to be the same”.

Still something pushed me onward even with children who needed things wining in the background. Next up I hit Progressive. This time I got a little encouragement with a quote around $700 every six months. I played around with the numbers and got it down to around $550 every six. We were talking some serious cash now. How could roughly the same benefit cost nearly 1/2 what I was paying??

Figuring it didn’t hurt to keep looking I decided to also give Geico a try. This time I was shocked to get a quote even lower! After looking over the numbers I chose to actually increase some of the limits and still kept it around $550 every 6 months.

In the end I chose Geico because for the same rate as Progressive I got more coverage, and still wound up paying nearly 1/2 what I was with AAA. When calling in to setup the coverage I was told that the primary discount was for an excellent credit rating, so for anyone reading this, make sure you’re paying your bills on time, in-full every month.

For those who want a breakdown of the actual coverage numbers, here they are…

Coverage AAA Progressive Geico
BI Liability $100k/$300k $100k/$300k $300k/$500k
Property Damage Liability (PD) $50k $100k $100k
Limited property Damage Liability “Included” $1k $1k
Property Protection (PP) “Included” $1M $1M
Uninsured Motorist BI $20k/$40k $100k/$300k $300k/$500k
Deductible/car $550 basic $500 comp/$1k collission broad form $500 broad form

The moral of the story? Go check your auto insurance coverage and rates then go comparison shopping. No guarantees you’ll see the savings I did, but it just may save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year.

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