The Culture Code

Just finished reading “The Culture Code” by Daniel Coyle, and have to say that I would highly recommend it especially to anyone in a management or leadership position. You can find the 3 parts and some recommended actions below.

  1. Build Safety
    • Overcommunicate your listening
    • Spotlight your fallibility early on – especially if you’re a leader
    • Embrace the messenger
    • Preview future connection
    • Overdo thank-yous
    • Be painstaking in the hiring process
    • Eliminate bad apples
    • Create safe, collision-rich spaces
    • Make sure everyone has a voice
    • Pick up trash
    • Capitalize on the threshold moments
    • Avoid giving sandwich feedback
    • Embrace fun
  2. Share Vulnerability
    • Make sure the leader is vulnerable first and often
    • Overcommunicate expectations
    • Deliver the negative stuff in person
    • When forming new groups, focus on two critical moments (1st vulnerability & 1st disagreement)
    • Listen like a trampoline
    • In conversation, resist the temptation to reflexively add value
    • Use candor-generating practices like AARs, BrainTrusts and Red Teaming
    • Aim for candor; avoid brutal honesty
    • Embrace the discomfort
    • Align language with action
    • Build a wall between performance review and professional development
    • Use flash mentoring
    • Make the leader occasionally disappear
  3. Establish Purpose
    • Name and rank your priorities
    • Be ten times as clear about your priorities as you think you should be
    • Figure our where your group aims for proficiency and where it aims for creativity
    • Embrace the use of catchphrases
    • Measure what really matters
    • Use artifacts
    • Focus on bar-setting behaviors
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