Weekly Challenge 5: Floss

Hope everyone who participated in the 1st 4 weekly challenges has had great success, and is excited for this weeks. Waking up earlier hasn’t been too bad, but I had limited success w/ meditation. How about you?

This weeks challenge is to take up a habit that many dentists say is even more important than brushing your teeth. That habit is of course, flossing. If you’re anything like me you probably don’t do this nearly as much as you should.

You may have even gotten on a kick once or twice, but then fell of the bandwagon. Well here’s a chance to get back on or get started. Either way there’s no shame, and I’d love for all of us to have healthier teeth and happier dental hygienists 🙂

To join the challenge follow this link or go to my goal page where you can find it and join in. Each day when you have nice clean teeth, be sure to “check in” on coach.me.

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One thought on “Weekly Challenge 5: Floss”

  1. While I try to floss as much as possible, I’m not religious about it. Hope this gets me on the bandwagon!

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