Weekly Challenge 4: Slightly Alarming

This week we are going to build off of week 1s challenge to wake up every day at the same time to an alarm clock without hitting snooze.

This week, we’re going to wake up 30 minutes earlier. Don’t say I didn’t warn you that the challenges would build off of each other 🙂

Again, the rules are you need to use an alarm clock and no snooze button. By the end of the week, you need to be waking up 30 minutes earlier. Whether you want to jump right in and start w/ 30 minutes or work your way up to it by the end of the week is up to you. Personally, I am going to jump right in.

Of course, if you’re getting up 30 minutes earlier I would also highly recommend that you start going to bed 30 minutes earlier as well. Sleep experts do still recommend 6.5-8 hrs of sleep a night – even for adults.

What will you do with your 30 minutes in the morning? I’m planning to continue the meditation habit or try to do some working out.

There will be no “new” habit on Coach.me this week as we can continue to use week 1s habit. Looking forward to seeing the early risers!

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