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Subscribe to the newsletter if you’re reading this in Google Reader

Do you read this blog on Google Reader? Then chances are you’ve heard that the Goog is shutting the party down in July. As a big fan this makes me sad, but as the Chris(es) (Penn and Brogan) have done, I too would like to remind you that you can get the same content by subscribing via email.

When you subscribe you’ll never get more than 1 email a day (and realistically much less frequently) as well as a Weekly Round-Up of my 1 a day daily shares.

If you would rather not do that, you can follow me on the social network of your choice…


Don’t want to do that? Hopefully you’ll bookmark the site, try another RSS Reader (maybe Feedly), or at least stop by from time to time.

Note: I’ll likely post this periodically until the final nail is in the coffin. As always, thanks for reading.

Please remember to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date!

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