Use SCP to copy files between remote and local hosts

So you need to copy a file you have on a remote server locally, or send a local file to a remote server? Fortunatally, it’s pretty easy with scp. Here’s an example to copy a remote server to the local machine.

scp -P 65124 remoteuser@remotehost:/var/lib/path/to/file.txt /var/lib/path/to/

…which will connect to “remotehost” on port 65124 as “remoteuser” and copy the /var/lib/path/to/file.txt on “remotehost” to the local /var/lib/path/to/ directory.

Need to copy a local file to a remote host? Just switch the parameters up!

scp -P 65124 /var/lib/path/to/file.txt remoteuser@remotehost:/var/lib/path/to/
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