25 Productivity Tips and Hacks That Actually Work

Listen to/watch the video for details on all the below items, but this is a great list!

  1. Be proactive about being productive
  2. Outsource the Small Stuff
  3. Batch Similar Small Tasks
  4. Don’t Watch Too Much TV
  5. Focus on the 80/20 Rule
  6. Never Sit Down Without Knowing What You’re Going to Work on
  7. Time-Block Activities
  8. Wake Up Earlier
  9. Don’t Multitask
  10. Stop Paying Attention to the News
  11. Have a Dedicated Work Space Free of Distractions
  12. Focus on Being Effective, Not Just Efficient
  13. Sharpen You Ax
  14. Say No a Lot More – “Every yes is a no to your wife and kids”
  15. Reduce Social Media Usage
  16. Shorten Your Deadlines
  17. Review Your Goals Regularly
  18. Don’t Anwer Your Phone
  19. Do What You Love
  20. Find More Ways to Get into Flow
  21. Moderate Your Screen Time
  22. Hire a Coach
  23. Join a Mastermind Group
  24. Track the Things that Matter
  25. Get Really Good at What You Do
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