Connect to DB2 via UNIX Command Line

To access DB2 via the command line on a UNIX/Linux box you need…

  • The DB2 client installed on the box
  • The DB you’re trying to connect to cataloged in the client

Once you know you have that, simply source your db2profile and connect…

. /path/to/db2profile
db2 connect to DBCATNAME user yourid using yourpw

… where DBCATNAME is the name the DB is cataloged as on that box, yourid is your user ID for connecting to the DB, and yourpw is your password for connecting to the DB. Note, that if the actual database resides on the same box, and you want to login as the user your logged into the UNIX box as, you can simplify the connect string and not have to include your user ID or password…

. /path/to/db2profile
db2 connect to DBNAME
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