Weekly Round-Up: 1/26/14 to 2/1/14

The Weekly Round-Up is a once weekly collection of my #1Aday daily shares. Hope you find something of interest!

Mon 1/27
Hilary Stout says More Retailers See Haggling as a Price of Doing Business – http://bit.ly/Mk8hg6

Tue 1/28
Sarah Koppelkam @skoppelkam on How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body – http://bit.ly/1aFaQ7b

Wed 1/29
Tessa Miller answers the question: Do I Really Need to Log Out of Webapps? <- See the longer answer. - http://bit.ly/1nj5LEu

Thu 1/30
MMM @mrmoneymustache on The Low Information Diet – http://bit.ly/1npmxBX

Fri 1/31
Courtney Carver @bemorewithless says to Encourage Simplicity by Redefining Your Purchase Process – http://bit.ly/1kjq6am

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up: 1/26/14 to 2/1/14”

  1. So a year ago, I was searching for some random DB2 information (I also work at Jackson) and the first result happened to come from your blog. I spent a few minutes browsing around and came across this article. I clicked all the links, and ended up discovering Mr. Money Mustache. Thanks for that. It’s about year and a half later, and the way we handle our finances has completely changed. I thought I should dig up the post and say thanks.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words! It means more than you may think when someone finds this blog useful. What’s the biggest change you’ve made to managing your finances?

      1. That’s a good question. I wouldn’t say it was any single big change, but a series of many of small changes that have added up to a big change in our life. We cut down on wasteful spending and started filling our life with more family time and less ‘things’ time. We started appreciating the little things in life in ways that we didn’t take time for in the past. That allowed us to started saving and investing more, which then gave us more hope for our future plans, which added even more to our current level of satisfaction.

        Both my wife and I spent far too much on little things that were preventing us from saving for the big things we actually wanted to be doing with our life. Now that we’ve broken out of that habit, I don’t think we’ll ever go back.

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