Weekly Round-Up: 12/15/13 to 12/21/13

The Weekly Round-Up is a once weekly collection of my #1Aday daily shares. Hope you find something of interest!

Mon 12/16
Amy Morin @AmyMorinLCSW on 8 Scientific Secrets Of A Happy Marriage – http://mjg2.net/l/1890

Tue 12/17
Peter Shankman @petershankman On Entitlement, Regardless Of Your Generation <- this. So much this. - http://mjg2.net/l/1892

Wed 12/18
Why 9 to 5 is a Joke (And How to Deal) – http://mjg2.net/l/1893

Thu 12/19
MMM @MrMoneyMustache tells you how to Get Rich With The Position of Strength – http://mjg2.net/l/1894

Fri 12/20
How to Plant Ideas in Someone’s Mind – http://mjg2.net/l/1895

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