Happy birthday America

As I sit here watching “The Patriot” I can’t help but be appreciative of all those who have sacrificed for the dream and reality that is America. Those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and those who left their families – if even for a short time – in service of a cause they considered greater than themselves.

In salute of all the Patriots: Abe Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Adams, Sam Adams, Ben Franklin, Teddy Roosevelt, George Patton, General Sherman, General Grant, FDR, those who will never be known (the unknown soldiers), and many many more I am ever grateful to have been born in this wonderful Land of Opportunity.

As a parent, I haven’t the luxury of principles. I have long feared that my sins will come back to haunt me – and the weight is more than I can bare.

Thank you again to all who have sacrificed so that we may pursue happiness.

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