Lunch with Governor Jackwagon

So we were on Mackinac Island this past weekend and a friend of ours starts telling us about how good the Chuckwagon restaurant is, but it’s a tiny little hole in the wall. We get there around 11:30 to a sign saying they’re closed until noon so of course we hit up a few local fudge shops for some samples. Around 11:40, our friend’s son starts getting concerned about having to wait so they go start a line out front (good thing too). We get back from dinking around and there’s at least 3-4 families in line.

So we’re hanging out (prob 11:50) when all of a sudden 3 or so guys looking like golf pros come pull up on their bikes and just walk in the joint like they own it! A few minutes later another party of 4 or 5 do the same thing. The line watches in shock as they proceed to the back and take 1 of 2 family sized booths (the rest is lunch counter and 2 person high tops). Naturally, there’s some grumbling so I ask one of the “golf pros” that was still outside something along the lines of, “so, they friends of the owner or something?” And he mumbles something like “they needed a seat” and walks off. I’m think, “no shit Sherlock. That’s why we’re standing here”, and our friend says “that was very cloak and dagger. Didn’t really answer your question”.

Grumbling ensues for the remaining time in line, but we eventually get let in and all is good with the world when we get to sit down and order. Probably 10-15 minutes go by and we’re eating when our friend turns to me (I was at the counter not in the booth) and starts mouthing something rather emphatically. I of course have no idea what he’s trying to say, but luckily Mary does who translates, “is that the Governor?” From my vantage point I can’t see anything, but use my children as an excuse to “make sure they’re eating their food” and if there’s any for me 🙂 as I do so I sneak a peek and there’s no doubt it’s Governor Snyder. On my way back to my seat I notice two of the “golf pros” sitting there watching very intently and put two and two together that it’s his security detail.

Anyway, we continue or meals for a bit longer but our friend can’t just let it go so engages their party in conversation. I can’t hear most of it due to my location but I do overhear him talking about the “jackwagons” that cut in line, which him (the Governor) and his friends got a kick out of.

Long story short he was gracious enough to get a photo with the kids, and was pleasant in our brief interaction. So, not getting into politics the “Jackwagon” was just a convenient reference to the “chuckwagon”, and not an insult.

So that’s my story of how I had lunch with (next to) the Governor, and being a big deal by proximity.

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One thought on “Lunch with Governor Jackwagon”

  1. What a memory for you, Mary and the girls! And now we all know where to eat when on Mackinac Island.

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