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Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality (in 1 paragraph)

Wondering why so many of your tech savvy friends are up in arms about the repeal of Net Neutrality? Here’s my answer in 1 paragraph…

Nearly 40% of the US has only 1 “choice” for broadband internet because of legislated monopolies lobbied for by those same providers. If net neutrality is wiped out not only can your favorite services be negatively impacted (think Netflix raises prices because Comcast charges them more – or you start seeing buffering on Netflix because of throttling- yes, that happened pre 2015), but many of the Netflix’s, Facebook’s, and Googles of tomorrow will likely never see the light of day if they have to pay to play as they start to reach critical mass. If there was real competition and real choice, I would have no issue. But there is not, and that’s the problem.

…do I hope I’m wrong? Of course, but the real course of action should be to eliminate all legislated monopolies first so that competition can happen. Then, maybe, consider what is under way… but if you have any trust in ISPs to make your life better… well, could I interest you in a bridge?

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The Internet Is About to Become Worse Than Television #1aDay

Last week, an obscure but potentially internet-transforming document was leaked from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. It revealed that government regulators are considering rules that would give big companies a chance to make their online services run faster than smaller ones.

Personally, the thing I like least about it is that it’s easy to see how small/new companies could get screwed and stifle innovation. The other thing that I had not though of until I read this is I trust the cable companies so little that I wouldn’t be surprised if they started “bundling” sites like they do with TV. I don’t need 100 channels! Of course, this is why I don’t have cable TV. Finally, the other thing you should be upset about is the cable companies “double dipping”. They’re already charging insane prices (because usually they have a monopoly in most areas other then major metros), and now they’re also going to start extorting the companies too – what, you didn’t think they’d actually lower your rates when they started charging the companies did you?… Comcrap-Warner wants it’s cake and to eat it too (see the video below – warning: language).

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