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My 1 Word for 2017

For a few years now I’ve watched as people I follow have picked 1-3 words to focus on. As Christopher S Penn as described it, “It’s something of a mantra, something of a phrase we used to remind ourselves what we are supposed to be focused on at any given time during the year.”

While interesting, I haven’t taken the time to do so until this year. Now I realize the first month of the year is almost over, but I picked my word near the beginning. Plus, now that I’ve had a little time to test it out I think it’s more appropriate to write about it. So without further ado, my 1 word for 2017 is…


…and in case anyone is confused about what variation I’m referring to it’s “the period of time that is happening now”. In other words: being present in the present. Some may call it being mindful.

On the off chance you’re wondering why I happened to pick being present it mostly has to do with building connections and trying not to miss things because I’m distracted. Our kids only grow up once, and if you’re buried under a pile of work or have your nose buried in your phone you’ll miss it. I think this video does a great job of touching on the topic…

… So now, if you’re like me you’re probably asking, “ok, so what are you actually going to do?”. I’ve already started by turning off nearly all notifications on my phone (yes, there are a few exceptions, but it would probably be in all of our best interests to find the notification settings on our phones). I’ve turned off email notifications at work (no, I don’t need the toaster popping up every time I get an email). I’m trying to remind myself to keep my phone in my pocket except for when I’m sitting down and not with others (lunch, walking the halls, etc). And as of today I’ve buried the Face Space app on my phone (will still be able to post, but the goal is to not check it except for 1 time a day and from a laptop/PC).

What about you? Have you ever picked a word or words to focus on for a year? What did you pick and why?

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Photo Journal for 3/26/2015


It’s an interesting and exciting time to be getting into real estate. Shouldn’t you have one of the most tech savey agents in the area on your side? 

Photo Journal for 3/14/2015

The thing I like most when working with buyers is to find a home that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but when you walk in something like this beautiful sight hits you. Love the natural light. Love the floor to ceiling windows. 

Photo Journal for 3/8/2015

Me and the infamous puke bucket got very familiar today. Can’t remember the last time I felt this lousy (don’t think I have at least in my adult life)

Photo Journal for 3/6/2015

Waiting around for a baby to be born and having daddy try to get some work done sometimes means allowing this tornado. 

Don’t worry dear, it got cleaned up :)