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The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do While “Multitasking”

So true. Please enable “DND while driving” on your phone! Both the iPhone and Android have the feature. I’ve been using it since I updated to iOS 11, and it works well. Just getting the notifications I found was a distraction, and since I can still get calls from my “favorites” it’s been a huge help.

OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson | More Wisdom in Less Time: +1 #52: The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do While “Multitasking”

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How to Stop Your iPhone From Autocorrecting “i” to “A”

Yes, I️ am seeing this happen…
How to Stop Your iPhone From Autocorrecting “i” to “A”

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Addicted to Your iPhone? You’re Not Alone – The Atlantic

Addicted to Your iPhone? You’re Not Alone – The Atlantic

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Apple vs FBI

So my mom asked my opinion on the current standoff between Apple and the FBI over their insistence on building a back door into the iPhone “just this once” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). As I said to her…

I completely agree with Apple’s stance. Once they create such a method to circumvent the security on the phone, I guarantee it will be ordered to do so from now until eternity. That is unless you believe everything the government and law enforcement tell you. In that case, then yes it will be just one time (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Let’s also address certain politicians insistence on “opening up” security and “using our heads”…

START: Sarcasm and Contempt
Yeah, let’s open up security all over the place. In fact, then no one will ever be able to transmit anything securely ever again. Hint: “open up” just means lets build in a vulnerability, a bug – intentionally!! You didn’t want your credit card info submitted securely now do you? Probably should let the gov’t be able to scan all your photos and financial documents, and travel plans, and basically anything that’s stored digitally. Not like that’s everything now a days.

Not that hackers or “bad guys” would take advantage of that or anything. Gahh!!

END: Sarcasm and Contempt

For The Children’s Sake, Put Down That Smartphone #1aDay

It’s not just kids who are overdoing screen time. Parents are often just as guilty of spending too much time checking smartphones and e-mail — and the consequences for their children can be troubling.

While I’m no angel when it comes to my phone I do make a conscious effort to disable just about every type of notification and not look at it when in the middle of talking to someone (unless it’s to check on something they asked about). If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s the people who have every notification turned on then tell you that they don’t even notice it anymore… well the rest of us who are trying to talk to you do – and so do your kids as this article points out.

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The Best iPhone Apps

Despite what Apple may think, they don’t create the world’s greatest apps. I love my iPhone, but to really get the best experience outside of jailbreaking (work frowns on that) there are a handful of apps I use almost daily. Since I had a friend recently ask me about some of them I thought you, dear reader, may also find my “insight” useful. So in the interest of creating an up-to-date list of what i consider to be essential iPhone apps, I’ve created a page dedicated to The Best iPhone Apps!

Hit up the page for all my recommended iPhone apps, but here’s the top 3…

After trying just about every single to-do and task list manager under the sun, the one I keep coming back to is Toodledo.
Far and away the best note taking and all purpose app
I wasn’t sure it would be worth it, but this app is so much better than the Apple calendar.

Hope you find something useful.