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Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Lender’s Biweekly Mortgage Payment Scheme

Paying your mortgage every two weeks instead of monthly could save you tons of money in interest and shave years off your mortgage. However, if your lender offers a payment plan for doing this, you should probably skip it and set it up yourself. Here’s why.

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How to Communicate with Your Partner About Money

Love the perspective here. It would probably behoove me to consider some of this more often…

    1. Recognize your fears
    2. Consider your partners fears
    3. Know your numbers
    4. Make a plan and trust the plan

EP232: How to Communicate with Your Partner About Money

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Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris | EP220: How to Think Like a Wealthy Investor

Love all of this!
Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris | EP220: How to Think Like a Wealthy Investor

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The Internet Is About to Become Worse Than Television #1aDay

Last week, an obscure but potentially internet-transforming document was leaked from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. It revealed that government regulators are considering rules that would give big companies a chance to make their online services run faster than smaller ones.

Personally, the thing I like least about it is that it’s easy to see how small/new companies could get screwed and stifle innovation. The other thing that I had not though of until I read this is I trust the cable companies so little that I wouldn’t be surprised if they started “bundling” sites like they do with TV. I don’t need 100 channels! Of course, this is why I don’t have cable TV. Finally, the other thing you should be upset about is the cable companies “double dipping”. They’re already charging insane prices (because usually they have a monopoly in most areas other then major metros), and now they’re also going to start extorting the companies too – what, you didn’t think they’d actually lower your rates when they started charging the companies did you?… Comcrap-Warner wants it’s cake and to eat it too (see the video below – warning: language).

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The Hidden Health Costs of the College Arms Race #1aDay

Every time I hear stories like this it makes me worry for my kids. While I can be a competitive person there’s always been a release valve buried somewhere deep inside that has been able to say “the work will be there tomorrow” or (when I was in school) “Being first in class doesn’t matter. Just learn the material well enough. There’s always time to dig deeper.”

The question is, how to pass that on while still instilling the discipline and joy of hard work and sacrifice?

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If You’re Not Saving, You’re Losing Out #1aDay

We’re supposedly in a new era of financial sobriety. Yet the evidence suggests otherwise.

Personally, I find this article very scary because at some point someone (unfortunately, it will probably be the responsible) will have to help save the irresponsible.

Need to save money? Here’s a few quick ways anyone can do so…

  1. Get rid of your insanely expensive wireless plan and switch to something reasonable
  2. Get rid of cable TV – there are way better things to do than watch the idiot box
  3. Get rid of all the extra toys (kid and grown-up ones)
  4. Get rid of the gas guzzler

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Why a Big Tax Refund Isn’t as Awesome as You Think #1aDay

With tax season behind us, here’s a little PSA to remind you why a big refund isn’t actually all that great even if it may feel that way. I just need to remind myself of this every time I have to write checks to Uncle Sam 🙂

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Make Your Fridge Last (Almost) Forever With These 8 Tips #1aDay

After the furnace, the most important appliance in your home is probably the refrigerator. It’s also one of the most expensive ones. When you spend $1,000 or more on an item, you want it to last for many years.

How many of these tips have you heard?

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