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Giving Thanks

As I sit here in the last hour or so of Thanksgiving I can’t help but reflect back on the many things I have to be thankful for…

For a wife that supports me whether it’s for work, new endeavors like real estate, or giving me time to work on projects for the family.

For being able to wake up to the smiling faces and “morning hugs” from my daughters. The ones who can make everything right in the world even if everything leading up to that point has been sh!+.

For family holidays like days of old. I may have passed out for an hour or two, and I could care less about people’s physical ailments, but it’s hard to explain how happy it makes me just to be around family on holidays. It’s how we grew up, and it’s how I want the girls to grow up.

To have a roof over our heads. Actually, our choice of roofs with the “new” house and the “old” one on the market. Paying off the house is probably one of the best things ever as it gives me the piece of mind to know that, while I want to unload it, I don’t have to do anything… but seriously, if you know someone please let me know. That said, I am beyond excited about the “new” place. I just love the 9′ ceilings, amazing kitchen, the privacy behind us, the changes being made, excitement to open the pool, and being in the same neighborhood with our friends.

For a growing family. We welcomed 2 new members of the clan this year and I was beyond honored to be asked to be Godfather to my niece. Family was such an important part of growing up that I hope the girls one day appreciate it.

For work and the mind and body to do it. Whether it’s software development, real estate, telecommunication, or even work on the house I love coming up with solutions that make my client’s lives better. While any one of them can be exhausting I’m glad to have the ability to do what needs to get done. To be a do’er. To make a difference.

Hoping you have much to be grateful the rest of this year and in the coming year!

Q3 charity:water Campaign

My third quarter charity:water campaign is now live! To date you’ve helped raise over $2,500 for clean water and in doing so helped over 300 people! I don’t know about you, but the fact that you can potentially save someone’s life for less then $9 just blows my mind.

Every day, 5,000 kids under the age of 5 die from water-related illnesses.

So, if you would like to help continue to help solve the water crises, please take a moment to consider a small donation. And remember, with charity:water’s 100% model your entire donation helps to serve the people who need it!

Mind lending a hand?

Thanks ahead of time to everyone who’s already taken a moment to help out, but if you haven’t had the chance yet I’d appreciate your assistance in giving me just a few clicks. Since one of the most important signals to search engines for “recommending” sites when you do a search is social media presence, I was hoping you might be willing to lend a hand by giving my company, Communication Freedom, a link little juice.

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Do you read this blog on Google Reader? Then chances are you’ve heard that the Goog is shutting the party down in July. As a big fan this makes me sad, but as the Chris(es) (Penn and Brogan) have done, I too would like to remind you that you can get the same content by subscribing via email.

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